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Poetry Corner: Baby Announcement


Hello Poetry Lovers!  Where has Summer gone?  The days seem to be racing by far faster than normal, and my poetry has been suffering because of it.  Sometimes, the ideas aren’t there, as your mind is racing with everything else that needs to get done, but you need to make it a priority.  I need to make it a priority.  Because, it is a priority.  Nobody can write the way you do, so make sure you don’t deprive the world of what only you can share.  Sometimes, I find a prompt helps get me going, get the juices flowing, though when I get asked if I could write a poem for a person’s birthday, a child’s birth, an anniversary, a passing, I don’t always have control of what comes out.

A co-worker of mine recently announced that his wife is pregnant, and as a part of the baby shower gift, I was asked to write a poem to add to the card.  This may not be what anyone was hoping for, but it feels honest and right to me.  Keep on writing, and I hope the days get back to normal speed for all of us!


Graphic for Baby Announcement poem: RUPERT’S HAVING A BABY! Well, not Rupert, his wife is having a baby. He may have been in the room originally, may be in the room for delivery, but Kathleen is doing all the work here, and will continue to do so for quite a while. Sure, sure, Rupert will help, be supportive, but let’s be honest. We should be celebrating Kathleen. KATHLEEN’S HAVING A BABY! CONGRATULATIONS KATHLEEN! (Okay, okay, fine, Rupert too! Whatever!)


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