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Movie Review: LAND


In her directorial debut, Robin Wright stars as Edee, an emotionally detached woman who has suffered a great loss.

Edee chooses to deal with her grief by relocating to a remote mountain location in Wyoming.  Immersing herself in an “off the grid” lifestyle is no picnic.  She encounters many obstacles and hard lessons learned along the way.


Battling depression, anxiety, and the will to live, Edee is completely unprepared to survive in this setting. Edee’s last hope comes in the form of a man named Miguel. Miguel (Demian Bichir, The Nun) does everything one human can for another.  His efforts may well be the difference in life and death for Edee.

Without divulging the whole movie, I will give my two cents.  “LAND” is a fairly dark film, dramatizing human frailty and psychological struggle.  Is this a bad thing, no.  But beware of the mundane issue that the film focuses on…tragedy and its long-lasting effects.

On the plus side, the setting for this movie is gorgeous and appreciated by this critic!


Furthermore, LAND also provides a victory for human decency and caring.  It provides an illustration of the power we have to help change or save another’s life as human beings.  Through actions of the heart and mind, this film depicts a powerful message to the audience.

Is this movie going to appeal to everyone?  No.  As is with all films, choose the flavor that suits you best.

Blaine’s Rating: 7/10
Rotten Tomatos: 70%, 85% Audience Score
Running Time: 89 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic content, brief strong language, and partial nudity
Where to watch: Fandango Now, Amazon Prime, VUDU


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To review LAND, Blaine participated in a screening event with Lesley from What’s Up Northwest. He nor the Auburn Examiner received any form of compensation for this review. 

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