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How to Set Yourself Up for Success in College


You can never be too early with your college preparations, even if you’re still in high school or already getting ready to leave home. The transition to college life is a memorable experience that you’ll enjoy, but you need to prepare for it adequately. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for college:

Learn financial management

Being a college student is expensive. Unless you’re a millionaire, you would need to get your school fees from somewhere and also need a lot of money to take care of yourself. So, you need to start learning about how to manage your finance. Start by learning to make money and how to keep, save, or safely invest money. This means you have to set financial goals with plans on how to achieve your goals. 


You can move proactively by seeking a part-time job and opening a savings account. You should also seek scholarship opportunities actively to aid your finances before your senior year. 

Get mentors and build relationships

Many people around you can be potential mentors for you. Teachers, coaches, religious leaders, and employers can all be good mentors. Make sure to surround yourself with people that are after your growth and are ready to push you to success. Learn about their lives, successes, mistakes, life patterns, and growth. Talk to them about your concerns, dreams, goals, and aspirations, and seek their advice on choosing a college and career. 

Getting mentors can help you find opportunities to identify your weaknesses and strengths. They give you the wisdom to make the right decisions and improve in several ways. They can also fill in the spot if you need a letter of recommendation or referee at any point in your life. You’ll need these people and your relationship with them throughout your life. So, you need to develop your relationship-building skills and reach out to several potential mentors that can help you grow. 

Develop life skills to help you survive in college 

There are several life skills that you’ll need to live successfully in college, away from your parents. Think about the skills that you might need. Can you cook? Can you change a tire or check your oil? Can you do your laundry? These are skills you’ll need to live an easy life in college. What do you know about personal safety? Grocery shopping? You can teach yourself some of these things, and you might need others to teach you some others. Whatever the case is, make sure you start to learn them now before going to college. 

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Learn to improve your academic essay writing skills 

You’re going to college mainly for academic work, so you must also prepare yourself for academic success. Essay writing is one of the most important academic skills you need to succeed in college. You’ll come across different types of essays and would be faced with several essay assignments from time to time. You will struggle if you don’t learn how to write essays, which make up a large part of your grades. The positive here is that not every college student knows how to write an essay. They scale their assignments by outsourcing their essays to essay writing websites with well-trained and professional writers. This ensures they don’t have to bother writing numerous essays by themselves without their grades paying for it. 

Improve your social skills

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert. Everyone needs some degree of social connection and interaction to succeed in college. No one asks you to become a loose social butterfly or an extrovert overnight. But you must learn basic social skills to build relationships with your lecturers and colleagues. These relationships will always come through for you at different points of your college education. You can start by becoming more assertive in class and raising your hands more. Ask questions more, and endeavor to answer them more as well. You don’t have to consider other people or think of what they’ll say. 

Develop time management skills

College life is a flurry of activities, and you must handle many of them simultaneously. So, you must learn how to manage your time effectively. This also means you must learn to set priorities and follow them. Apart from having your hands full, you’ll also have several people telling you what you should do and when you should act. So, getting into college increases your level of responsibility for yourself incredibly. You should start developing your time management skill, learning to create a schedule and becoming more self-disciplined. This would help you do what you need to as at when due, which is an important hack for successful college life. 


Living college life is every student’s dream, and it’s understandable why. However, for you to be successful as a college student, there are several things that you need to put in place. Preparing yourself early on helps you be more fulfilling and successful as a college student. 

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