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Free Speech: to Inform and be Informed

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. Being able to articulate and express our thoughts, opinions, facts, and truths is essential in cultivating a healthy, informed governing body.

Our First Amendment right helps that 18-year-old young adult who’s voting for the first time by giving her the uncensored facts she needs to make an informed decision. Our First Amendment right is educating our communities on the human rights violations and abuses that still exist today, such as LGBTQ persecution, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and racial discrimination. Our First Amendment rights allow our citizens from many different walks of life to share their stories of tears and triumphs and inspire the world.

Our right to freedom of speech and press allows us to not only inform but be informed.

As much as we all desire to be successful, wealthy, kind, and attractive – we should first and foremost strive to be educated and informed.

The fact that we, as United States citizens, can express ourselves without the fear of censorship, punishment, and retaliation from our Government is something we should never take for granted.

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