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Auburn City Council Meeting Re-Cap September 16, 2019

The regular Auburn City Council meeting began on schedule at 7:00pm.  Deputy Mayor Bill Peloza was expectedly absent from the meeting.  All other councilmembers and Mayor Nancy Backus were present. (watch here)

The city clerk confirmed no modifications were made to the agenda.  With no proclamations, presentations or public hearings scheduled for this meeting the Mayor moved straight to audience participation. (watch here) This is the place during the meeting where the public is invited to speak to the Auburn City Council on any issue.   No one spoke at this meeting. (watch here)

Confirming no correspondence was sent in prior to the meeting, Mayor Backus went next to Council and Ad Hoc reports.  (watch here) Councilmember Wales provided the Finance Committee Ad Hoc report.  CM Wales stated herself and Councilmember Claude DaCorsi reviewed the vouches for authorization and recommended they be approved.

The claims voucher totaled $5,070,888.14, with one wire transfer in the amount of $525,972.09.  The payroll vouchers totaled $2,320,304.46.

The council next unanimously approved the consent agenda. (watch here) As per the agenda, “all matters listed on the Consent Agenda are considered by the City Council to be routine and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed.”

With no unfinished or new business, the council moved on to resolutions.

The first resolution on the meeting agenda was Resolution No. 5454. (watch here)  This resolution relates to House Bill 1406.  CM DaCorsi explained this resolution will allow the city to capture a portion of sales tax that has already been levied, meaning there will be no additional cost to the city’s residents.  This sales tax is to be used to support affordable housing objectives.  The city will realize approximately $155,000 annually to be used to affordable housing initiatives
Motioned: CM DaCorsi
Seconded: CM Holman
Questions/Comments: CM Larry Brown stated his pride in Auburn moving forward with this resolution, given the region’s affordable housing crisis.  He is glad the city is taking advantage of this opportunity.
Yes: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Trout-Manuel, Wales

Next, the council discussed and voted on the two ordinances on the agenda.

First was Ordinance No. 6727, an Ordinance granting New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC, a franchise for wireless telecommunications facilities. (watch here)
Motioned: CM Holman
Seconded: CM Wales
Questions/Comments: None
Yes: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Trout-Manuel, Wales

The final item on the agenda for the council to consider was Ordinance No. 6732. (watch here)  These ordinance partners with Resolution No. 5454, amending Chapter 3.60 of the Auburn City Code to authorize the use of the garnered sales tax revenue for affordable and supportive housing programs.
Motioned: CM DaCorsi
Seconded: CM Yolanda Trout-Manuel
Questions/Comments: None
Yes: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Trout-Manuel, Wales

Mayor and Councilmember Reports
The meeting concluded with mayor and councilmember reports.  These reports are meant to share significant items associated with their appointed positions on federal, state, regional and local organizations. (watch here)

Councilmember Bob Baggett shared about his experience at the Muckleshoot Casino groundbreaking for their new luxury hotel. (watch here) CM Baggett attended the Emergency Management meeting on September 11th and detailed the partnerships of those in attendance.  He will share the information he gained from the presentation with Auburn’s emergency services departments.

CM Trout-Manuel shared about her recent visit to the Auburn Senior Center. (watch here) One woman Cm Trout-Manuel met with spoke highly of Code Enforcement’s Tami Kapule.  Kapule works with the graffiti removal team, who has repeatedly assisted the woman in removing graffiti from her fences.

Councilmembers Brown, DaCorsi, Holman and Wales did not have a report.

Mayor Backus spoke about the recent King County homeless authority proposed by King County Executive Constantine. (watch here) She expressed hope that more cities will join the interlocal agreement.  Both the authority and Councilmember Dunn’s proposal will be discussed by the King County Council.  Mayor Backus also gave an update on the one-stop-shop resource center that was approved at the last meeting.

With no need for a closed session, the meeting was adjourned just before 7:16pm.

The next Auburn city council study session is scheduled for Monday, September 23rd at 5:30pm.  Meetings are held at City Hall in the Council Chambers.  If you are unable to make it in person you can watch live on Comcast channel 21, or watch the livestream on the City of Auburn’s YouTube channel, WatchAuburn.

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