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Why You Need To Watch Seattle Is Dying


Recently Eric Johnson from KOMO News released Seattle Is Dying.

When sharing the video on his personal Facebook, Patrick McCurdy also shared his thoughts on the issues Johnson covered.  McCurdy is a Seargent with the King County Sheriff’s office.  Like the anonymous Seattle Police Officers, he has an intimate relationship with the topics Johnson discusses.


McCurdy gave permission for us to share what he had to say, as we felt it was equally as important as Johnson’s coverage.

Patrick McCurdy’s Post:

“I do not understand how the elected “Leaders” of this city, county, and state do not acknowledge the horrible realities that exist right in front of them and are encountered on a daily basis,”  McCurdy begins in his Facebook post. “It is clear that the only thing that they are actually leading us to is our demise. It is as if we are chained prisoners being led reluctantly to our death.”

“As a police officer here for the last 25 years, it has been heartbreaking to watch the moral and social decline of an area that I used to love so much and an area that used to be so beautiful. It is in the area where I have invested the greater portion of my life trying to make a difference. I used to feel that what I was doing was actually having an impact, but I’ve lost hope in the ability to enact true positive change. I moved here from the San Francisco area to try to raise a family in an environment that would be cleaner and healthier for them than the one that I grew up in. It’s clear that I can no longer say that is true.”

McCurdy’s post continued, “I can no longer watch this and believe that the people that we have elected to make decisions to protect us and our children are interested in that. I can no longer believe that their intentions are good. There is no way that a reasonable person can see what is happening and continue to make the same mistakes and bad decisions that have such dire and negative consequences over and over again. The decisions that have lead us to this state of despair are clearly deliberate. Unfortunately, now I can only believe that perhaps their goal is actually to further the decline of our city and society.”


“I don’t know or understand what monetary or political advantage this collapse would provide to them as individuals,” McCurdy continues. “But it is clear that the decriminalization of basic laws that have kept society in order since civilizations began to exist will only accelerate our inevitable death as a society, city, county, and state. That coupled with the open invitation for these demonized souls to come here, and the blatant offer by the elected leaders to even provide illegal drugs to them without consequence or fear of prosecution has turned the place where we live into a dark and dangerous land of lawlessness.”

“I know that my family is no longer safe in the land that I brought them to in order to try and provide them with health, safety, and protection. I pray every day that we will actually be able to survive,” concluded McCurdy.


Update March 25, 2019 8:25pm; When first published this article originally had editorial commentary in addition to McCurdy’s words.  The Auburn Examiner stands by our reccomendation, but want Mccurdy’s words to stand on their own.


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