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Top 7 Educational Resources for Students

For college students, the Internet is the place where they can access a variety of resources that can add to what they have learned from the professors and enhance the process of learning, making it more exciting, interactive, and more efficient. Students can use the Internet to access huge databases and acquire information on literally any topic, expand their knowledge, and develop new skills using the web. Here, we give you the list of top 7 educational resources that may surely aid you in your quest for knowledge.

Calibre E-Book Tool

If you ever struggled with finding all the e-books you need and storing them in the same library, you no longer need to. Calibre is a free tool that allows you to not only manage your e-library in the most convenient of ways; it also is an awesome search tool that quickly finds any kind of book at the best price or even for free, if such option is available. This is an awesome tool for any student who tries to amass a decent e-library. Even though it does not seem like much, it is hard to overstate the importance of having a properly organized and rich library of books. That is exactly why you should consider using this free tool to get your library to a whole new level.

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For any student who’s ever struggled with writing a paper, this resource might just turn out to be a real life-saver. This service provides students with tips and tricks as well as actual assistance in writing, which might be a huge game-changer for many students who cannot write a quality paper on their own just yet. PapersOwl is a reputable dissertation writing service that provides the students with all the necessary assistance. There, you can find a huge database of information on how to write all kinds of papers, how to use different formatting styles, how to structure your writing properly, and how to avoid the most common mistakes that may influence the quality of writing negatively. This is where you can learn to write perfect papers and receive help from the most experienced academic writers out there.

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WatchKnowLearn is a rather versatile learning platform that allows the students to excel in numerous disciplines. As for now, we focus on the foreign language learning programs offered by this platform. Here, you can learn a variety of the world’s languages, including sign language, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, English, and many more. This platform would be of huge use for any student aspiring to acquire a second language. You can access tons of video-lessons and learn the language from the beginner to the advanced level in a convenient way. Of course, it would require dedication and commitment to truly learn any foreign language, but if you focus on it, you can achieve whatever you want. Learning a new language is always a huge challenge, but you can surely make it less painstaking by using online services like this one.

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National Geographic

National Geographic is one of the most well-known educational platforms worldwide, and you have surely heard of it a thousand times. The official website of the National Geographic is beautifully made and is designed in such a way as to provide the most valuable and exciting information about different countries, their ecosystems, and populations to the visitors. This is one of the best educational platforms for people who want to learn more about the world they live in and the wonders it hides. There are images, videos, and articles about unbelievable creatures that populate our planet, astounding locations, and incredible cultures of folks around the world. You can also find the information regarding the geopolitics of certain regions, climate change, the latest events that impact people on a broad scale, and other types of vital information regarding the world we live in.


PBS Digital Studios is a huge network of educational series that brings you exciting content on a variety of topics, from astrophysics to the history of music and from math to social studies. This platform unites tutors and specialists in a variety of disciplines to provide the audiences with versatile, educating, and exciting content you can access for free. PBS takes learning to a whole new level by making it fun and entertaining. The hosts of the PBS specials are not some rusty old profs trying to make you do stuff by the book. These are young professors or influencers who know what they are talking about. Check them out for some exciting stuff.college tools, student tools, learning tools, love to learn, pbs

A Crash Course in English Literature

This is not an educational platform in a traditional sense. This is a YouTube channel created by John Green, one of best-selling child book authors, who wants to share his knowledge and insight on the literature’s most prominent pieces. In spite of the channel’s name, Green analyzes the most prominent pieces of the world’s literature too. So, if you lack time to read the entire book or you did not understand it, check this channel to make things clearer for yourself.college tools, student tools, learning tools, love to learn


There are thousands of young people, essentially students, who hate their education and would rather be rockstars, play guitar, have millions of fans, and party every day. Well, not every college band can become Led Zeppelin, but you can surely try. Yousician is an educational tool that can help you learn how to play an instrument of your choice.college tools, student tools, learning tools, love to learn

Here you have it, the top 7 educational resources that can help you improve your knowledge and acquire some new skills. Knowledge and education have never been as available to almost everyone around the world as they are today. You can use the tools we mentioned here or find other resources for learning and becoming the better version of yourself.


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