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September Poetry Corner: A New Divinity

A headshot of Poet Laureate James Rodgers
James Rodgers | photo from James Rodgers

Hello Poetry Lovers! I hope you are all staying cool, and surviving all these hot days. They seem to be behind us, as we head towards Fall. As I’ve noted before, poetry can be found in the strangest of places, where you least expect it. You just need to always be aware, ready for it, looking for it. Here’s one I found earlier this year:

A New Divinity
Last Friday,
on one of our usual
long neighborhood walks,
this time
in the opposite direction
than we’d normally go,
we spied
hidden in a dark hollow
created in the bushes,
a shrine,
a holy trinity
of dark figures,
a natural altar,
a personal temple,
the three
cloaked in shadows.
As we got closer,
we could finally see
who was hiding
in this wooded sanctuary;
on the far right
a statue of St. Francis of Assisi,
the patron Saint
of birds and animals;
on the left
a top-hatted Frosty the Snowman,
the frozen miracle
of the holidays;
and in the middle
either a zombie
or the Toxic Avenger,
hero of the Troma Films,
creating the strangest trio
to ever share a shelter.
Was this a joke?
Was this a new faith?
Was this a Father, Son and Holy Ghost
for a modern time?
St. Francis fits as the father,
Frosty as pale as the Holy Ghost,
and the zombie as Jesus,
who did technically
come back from the dead.
This may be
a new theology,
a new religion,
another church
I am not likely to join,
but I do admit
I would be interested
in checking out their bible.


Keep looking for poetry, my friends, and have a great rest of the month!


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