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New no-contact delivery service for propane grill tanks arrives in Seattle area


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The propane grill tank delivery service Cynch announced its expansion into the Seattle market. During a time of increased demand for propane grill tanks, customers in the Seattle area can now schedule convenient no-contact propane tank delivery right to their door through the company’s website

Launched in the spring of 2019, Cynch serves a rapidly growing number of select markets across the
country with propane tank delivery for grills, patio heaters, fire tables, and generators. The service
arrives in Seattle just as consumers are looking for ways to extend the outdoor season amid the


“With all that’s going on in the world, we know our customers already have 99 problems on their mind.
Our goal at Cynch is to make sure exchanging their propane grill tank isn’t one of them,” explained Jonny
Poe, Cynch director. “We made the tank-exchange process as simple as ordering a T-shirt or anything
else online, so our customers can spend their time enjoying their backyards instead.”

To schedule a delivery of an exchange of a spare tank, customers just have to visit the Cynch website,
confirm they are in the delivery area, choose their delivery date, and specify the location of where the
tank should be delivered and where any exchanges can be picked up. There are no subscriptions, no
added fees, and deliveries are no contact.

As a service of AmeriGas, Cynch provides customers with AmeriGas-certified propane tanks for added
peace of mind. Tanks that aren’t from Cynch can still be exchanged through the service, or customers
without an exchange can opt to buy a new one.

First-time Seattle-area customers can receive discounts with promo codes available on Cynch social
media channels.


“As people are spending more time at home and more time socializing outdoors while enjoying
propane-powered devices, we’re seeing an increased demand for propane grill tanks. But running out to
the store to exchange the tanks can be a hassle,” explained Chris Cook, vice president of marketing for
AmeriGas. “Ordering through Cynch offers consumers a new way to quickly, easily and cost-effectively
take care of that chore.”

Propane is a clean-burning gas, and propane tanks are fairly easy to use. In fact, according to an August
2019 consumer survey by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 61% of grill owners use propane,
making it the most popular grilling fuel. In addition, propane tank users don’t have to clean up ash or
wait for coals or logs to burn out when they’re finished grilling or using their fire table.

In 2018, AmeriGas Propane, Inc., acquired the company Propane Taxi and officially launched the Cynch
brand the following year in Philadelphia. Since then, Cynch’s sales have more than doubled as its
services have moved into new markets across the country.


“More and more, we find ourselves opting for delivery services to save our sanity and to keep our
families safe and healthy. We’re excited to bring these same benefits to Seattle-area residents when it
comes to exchanging their propane tanks,” explained Lynsey Hiro, Cynch product manager. “Some
people find it hard to believe that such a convenient service could be real. I’m happy to report that it is.”

For information, visit Cynch’s website at

About Cynch
Launched in 2019, Cynch is a propane grill tank delivery service available in select markets across the
U.S. Through the company’s website, residential and small business customers can schedule no-contact
propane tank deliveries for the date and location of their choosing, without any commitments or added
fees. Cynch is brand of AmeriGas Propane, Inc., which is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa. For more
information, please call 1-888-525-2899or visit

The above is a press release from Cynch.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents and encourages our readers to personally verify any information they find may be overly biased or questionable. The publication of this press release does not indicate an endorsement of its contents. This is not a sponsored post.


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