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Martin A. Moore

Name: Martin A. Moore
Running For: 30th Legislative District  -State Representative Pos. 1
Party: Independent Republican
Current Position: Federal Way City Councilmember
City: Federal Way
Social Media: Facebook Instagram
Contact Information: (253) 642-6019 [email protected]
Education:  B.A. from Saint Martin’s University; Certificate of Municipal Leadership and Advanced Municipal Leadership from the Association of Washington Cities

Auburn Examiner Candidate Questionaire: 

The Auburn Examiner did not alter or edit any of the candidate’s responses.

Candidates were asked how much they agreed with the following statements. Their options were Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, Neutral, Somewhat Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.

The existing state government is going in the right direction to benefit the people of Washington.

Voting by mail should not be allowed except in the case of absentee voting
Strongly Disagree

There should be stricter rules and regulations on the use of money in political campaigns.
Strongly Agree

State and National Parks should be protected from being sold to private or corporate entities.
Strongly Agree

Environmental protections and regulation are more important than corporate tax revenue.
Somewhat Agree

Collective bargaining rights for all unions and public employees must be protected.
Strongly Agree

Marriage should legally be defined as a relationship between one man and one woman.
Strongly Agree

Public school sex education should be comprehensive, including all contraceptive methods without preference shown to abstinence.
Somewhat Disagree

At what point during human development should the law protect human life?
Legal protection should begin at conception

Legal protection should begin after three months gestation

Legal protection should begin after six months gestation

There should be no legal protection until after birth

More restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety.
Somewhat Disagree

Open carry of firearms should be permitted everywhere, without restrictions.
Somewhat Agree

Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement Officers should be repealed.

Chokeholds and Vascular Neck Restraints should not be permitted by any Washington Law Enforcement agencies.
Strongly Agree

There should be more emphasis on the rehabilitation of criminals than punishment.
Strongly Agree

I support the death penalty.
Strongly Disagree

911 Dispatchers should be legally designated as first responders.
Somewhat Agree

There is a mental health crisis in Washington State.
Strongly Agree

A dedicated line, separate from 911, should be created for incidents requiring mental health crisis responses.
Somewhat Agree

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been handled well by local and state agencies, including the Governor.
Somewhat Disagree

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been handled well by national agencies, including the President.
Somewhat Disagree

The following were open questions with no limitations placed on the candidate’s response:

What is the number one platform issue of your campaign, and why is it important to you?

To me it is not about issues, but achieving my main object Protecting Working Families. As a Bulgarian orphan that came to America to join a family at 8 years old, my appreciation and family values run deep. I will make decisions that are common-sense and use a balanced approach that puts People Over Politics, in effort to help uplift our lives and communities.

How will you make decisions with an equity lens, understanding the impacts to all communities before making them?

The fact that public policy has harmed marginalized communities in both malicious and in well-meaning execution, means we must be careful to avoid causing further harm to those that are vulnerable. Being aware of historical injustice, knowing the struggles that continue through today, I will have my office open to those who have racial equity concerns related to policy. I will always have my ears open to learning from the diverse members of my community that are concerned about the impacts of potential policy on their families and future generations.

Is there a responsibility of the Washington state government you feel would be better managed on a county or city level?

Local governments would better manage homelessness. Individual communities understand how homelessness affects their neighborhoods and businesses better than one size fits all policies from the state level. If local jurisdictions were given more funding and ability to implement strategies to reduce homelessness, they would be able to create more effective solutions tailored to the unique struggles each community faces.

What is one problem under the jurisdiction of the office you are running for, and explain in simple concrete terms your plan to address it?

Education: As a guest teacher and someone that holds special ed instruction near and dear, I know it doesn’t work for everyone. Right now, virtual learning is the main method of instruction we need to use right now to keep our staff and scholars safe, but as State Representative, I want to look into training and equipping paraeducators and other school resource staff to aid in student support. As social distancing becomes more manageable, I think we can implement 1:1 in-person ‘check and connects’ for students with learning challenges and their parents as well as opportunities for small group learning sessions. Going forward, our schools need to equip parents with tools to help them support their learners. The transition to online learning has not been easy for many, many families, and it’s been especially difficult for single parents and students with disabilities. Inequity is not acceptable, and I want to see us ensure that absolutely no one gets left behind.

Excluding the First and Second, which is your favorite U.S. Constitutional Amendment, and why?

The 19th Amendment. I have always been fascinated by the history of the women’s right to vote. They had no rights to own property or make decisions, and WA was one of the 1st in the nation to give women rights next to their male counterparts.

If you could recommend one book that best represents your values/describes your ethos, what would it be?

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, because this book taught me about how to have forthright, authentic, and honest conversations with people.

Candidates were asked to agree or disagree with the following statement:

I commit to representing the best interests of my constituents and not those of my party, donors, or special interest groups.



Moore’s primary election night statement: “I’m humbled beyond words by the support the voters in the 30th Legislative District have shown me, my campaign, and my message that elected officials first and foremost represent their communities, not political special interests or big donors. Voters are sending a message that we need to put people over politics, and that’s a banner I will be proud to carry from the 30th Legislative District all the way to Olympia.

“I’ve lived here since I was adopted from Bulgaria at 8 years old. I went to our local public schools and was taught by the dedicated, compassionate public educators of the Federal Way Public Schools. I trick-or-treated with neighbors who are impacted by Olympia’s decisions. I bought a house, met my wife, and am excited to raise my children right here where I grew up.

“As a councilmember, I’ve fought for our communities. As your state representative, I’ll use my experience, my passion, and my dedication to keep fighting for everyone – and I’ll do it with Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and anyone else who agrees that we can put people over politics and find solutions for the families and small businesses of the 30th Legislative District.

“I want to again express my deepest gratitude to the voters of Federal Way, Pacific, Auburn, Algona, Milton, and Des Moines. Thank you to those who voted for me, and to those who didn’t, I extend an invitation to get to know me, learn about my background and priorities, and join the thousands of supporters who believe in real change and compromise in Olympia.

“Thank you to all the candidates who ran in this election. I look forward to a spirited exchange of ideas over the next three months. And finally, thank you to all our dedicated volunteers that have helped tirelessly to spread our campaign message and have given up so much of their time.”