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Of Lawsuits and Delays

Exciting news! The Auburn Examiner is in the process of onboarding two new reporters. Everybody cheer – AE Mascot Six will get just a few more cuddles each day! That’s a lie; he gets plenty of cuddles. It’s the cat that’s been neglected.  I’m pretty sure he’s plotting my demise, please send help.

One of our new reporters introduced himself in an online community group, inquiring if anyone had stories they’d like to see told.  Several comments included requests to look into the Auburn Police Department and the lawsuit from the City of Auburn (and other south King County cities) against King County Executive Down Constantine.

I wanted to clarify that there is a reason the Auburn Examiner has not yet published anything on the city’s lawsuit (beyond press releases), or additionally, the Obet family lawsuit. I am not willing to potentially muddy the waters of important and sensitive subjects until I can adequately wrap my head around them. If I can’t properly articulate the facts, it’s just more noise.  To be able to state the facts, I also must be confident in what they are.
Lawsuits have two sides with a stake in the outcome. The Auburn Examiner, as a media outlet, has no side. We are just here to provide factual information through an unbiased lens. It may take a little longer to do it, but accuracy is worth waiting for. 
I also recognize there is a lot of public interest regarding the Auburn Police Department. As I have worked on the protest follow up (yeah, that’s still happening – you should see my monitors and office floor and whiteboards) other things have come up. That’s added additional research to stories previously being worked on, and put others on hold.  
To TL;DR Clarify the Auburn Examiner will be publishing articles on the following:
Auburn Police Auburn BLM protest preparations and day-of actions
Auburn Police Chief response to Auburn BLM protest
Auburn Mayor response to Auburn BLM protest
City of Auburn preparations to Auburn BLM protest
Interview with APD Commander Cristian Adams
Interview with protester Commander Adams knelt with
City of Auburn v. King County Exec. Dow Constantine
Obet v. City of Auburn and APD Officer J Nelson
2019 Enosa (EJ) Strickland fatal officer-involved shooting
2019 Jesse Sarey fatal officer-involved shooting
It’s important for our readers to understand that as a hyperlocal outlet, what happens in Auburn isn’t just a headline to us. We are not here for profits (which is good because, ya know, 2020 am I right?). We’re invested in this community. These stories and the people they impact matter to us. This community, you, matter to us.
I hope you’ll forgive me for breaking the fourth wall, so to speak, to be candid with you for a moment. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I shared that our coverage would be different, because of my health concerns. Those health concerns are chronic illnesses that are persistent and unpredictable. This can severely impact productivity, and I ask for your grace and understanding when this happens.
The Auburn Examiner is your community paper. If you have a story you want to see covered, email us. If you want to know why something hasn’t been published, email us. If you want to give us feedback on how we can do better, email us. If you want to talk about cats in cups, email us.
But please, never assume a lack of publication means apathy.

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