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Auburn BLM Protest Follow-Up


We apologize for the delay in follow up coverage on last week’s BLM Protest at Auburn City Hall and Justice Center. The follow-up coverage of the protest will not be a single article. That would be far too easy, but also very incomplete.

We are working as quickly as possible to contact and communicate with the necessary parties to gather information for our planned articles. We additionally are working through the sizeable amount of photographs and footage from our team, and those that were submitted to us for use. It is impossible to summarize last Tuesday’s protest in one, or even a handful, of photos or video clips. We appreciate your patience.


Protest Organizer Dalayna Wallace Reflects

Auburn BLM Protest organizer Dalayna Wallace shared her thoughts on how she felt the protest went, “on Tuesday I just felt really powerful. I was very surprised at the turn out for the protest. I think in the moment it was really hard for me to just stand there at the moment, I guess. I was so focused on working that, for a minute, I didn’t understand the magnitude of the turnout. So when I was on stage and I had my speakers for a second I looked out in the distance and I was like ‘oh my God.’ I was just really proud of my city, and I think everything just fell into place.”

“I’m really happy that once I announced my protest was over [at 8:00 p.m.], that those who decided to stay until the curfew still remained peaceful,” continued Wallace. “I’m also very very happy at the age group that I saw [in attendance]. I saw a lot of young people,  a lot of people who went to[Auburn High School]. People came from just everywhere in Auburn, but to see you people around the ages of 15 to 18 just there and being really supported and remaining peaceful, because I know at that age you’re easily influenced, but they were there and they stood their ground and it was just amazing to see youth there.”

Wallace concluded by saying sharing that, “what I’m most proud of is that the city has reached out to me and we’re going to have a discussion on the topics that were talked about at the protest on Tuesday. Hopefully, we will see change.”

Mayor Backus and the Auburn City Council Respond


Updated: 06/08/20 8:47 p.m.



  1. *Withheld* *Withheld* June 8, 2020

    I’m leaving this comment anonymously because I’m not sure how people will react to it. But here it is:

    1) I fully support the BLM movement, which has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks.

    2) Would I be out of line if I suggested that BLM not only address the problem of cops killing blacks, but the problem of gangs ALSO killing other blacks? My thought is you cannot address one issue without confronting the other as well.

    3) I would point out that each year, many more young black men (and some innocent bystanders) are killed by gang members than are killed by the police.

    4) In my own humble opinion, BOTH issues should be included in the BLM agenda.

    5) To discount one issue over the other, or to say one of these issues is more important than the other is to deny reality.

    6) Some people might say that the issue of gang killings each year should not be addressed by the BLM movement. But by saying this, you are also saying that only SOME black lives matter, and not necessarily others.

    7) Unless the folks who organize the BLM movement are somehow worried about gang retribution by addressing both THAT issue and the issue with cops….

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