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Katie Young

Name: Katie Young
Running For: 31st Legislative District State Representative – Position No. 1
Party: Democrat
Current Position: Freelance Director and Stage Manager
City: pending
Contact: (253) 987-6760 [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook Twitter
PDC Page: Campaign Contributions
Education: BA in Individualized Study concentrating in Theater, Business, and Genocide Studies from New York University.


Statement to Auburn voters (primary): “I’m running for State Representative because I believe in investing in our communities.  COVID-19 has placed a magnifying glass on the challenges faced by localities across this country, Auburn included.  Our schools face balancing the health and safety of our students, teachers and school staff with the challenges of remote learning for both students and families.   People have lost their jobs and our economy still groans under the weight of the virus which puts more jobs at risk – with these job losses comes the loss of health insurance.  Workers are facing varying degrees of safety while at work while corporations find ways to skirt regulations and policies, and our regressive tax system means that our working people are straining under a disproportionate tax burden.  These are problems that daily face our working people and families while rarely touching the wealthiest among us.  I’m running for State Representative to fix that.  I will fight to fund our schools to ensure that we have the programs that don’t just meet a minimum standard but actually set up students for success.  I will fight to bring single-payer healthcare to the people of Washington because healthcare is a human right, not a privilege for the well-employed.  I believe that workers create wealth and will fight to ensure that they are protected on the job and fairly compensated.  And I will fight to fix our regressive tax code and bring relief to our low and middle-income earners.  Together we can fight to bring back the middle-class and invest in the people of Auburn and the 31st District.”