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Kenneth (Ken) Pearson

Name: Kenneth (Ken) Pearson
Running For: City of Auburn City Council Position No. 3
Current Position: None
City: Auburn, Wa
Social Media: Facebook
PDC Page:  Kenneth Pearson, 2019
Education: Bailie School of Broadcast, El Paso Community College, North Idaho College


Public Statements from the Candidate:

Statement from candidate website: “The city council’s job is to provide an environment that makes it possible for a safe, secure and prosperous community. We have local issues that need local solutions. We don’t need to import the problems, and failed policies of the ‘big city’. This is the reason why I’m pursuing a seat on the Auburn City Council.

My first career was self serving; a radio announcer/dj for 17 years. My second career was to provide for my family as a truck driver. After being declared disabled due to the affects of 13 months of chemo, I find myself in my third career as a volunteer chaplain for the support group at a local cancer treatment center. I find my biggest fulfillment in serving others, and wish to serve the entire community of Auburn, my home.

I am not politically correct, what you see is what you get. I’m not a politician. You can expect me to do what is right for the community, not special interests. Auburn IS my special interest!”

King County Voter’s pamphlet statement: read here
Pierce County Voter’s pamphlet statement: read here

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