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Anthony Ase

Name: Anthony Ase
Running For: City of Auburn City Council Position No. 5
Current Position: None
City: Auburn, Wa
Social Media: Facebook   Twitter
PDC Page: Anthony Ase, 2019
Education: MA Secondary Math Education (WGU); BA Humanities (WWU); AA (WCC)
Occupation: Math Teacher


Public Statements from the Candidate:

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page: “I believe representation matters. I believe I understand the needs of my neighbors and I want to be that representation.”

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page (May 18th):  “To give you a bit of insight, here are my opinions on some not necessarily Auburn specific topics.
1. You let me know which pronoun you prefer, that’s what I use. Anything else isn’t really my business.
2. If you want an abortion, then I believe you should have access to that service. I also believe that contraception and education should be available to decrease the number of abortions needed. And rapists should face harsh penalties.
3. Education is paramount for a free society to work. Auburn schools are currently under going training from a woman who I trained with a few years ago. I really hope our teachers take her lessons to heart. My classroom shows that the methods work if you put students first.
4. The loudest voices don’t necessarily speak for the majority. I will make sure I keep Lanes of communication open for all, not just the obnoxiously loud.
5. My uncle was a police captain. My sister-in-law is a current corrections officer. I have much respect for cops who do their job properly and I have zero tolerance for those who abuse their authority and shirk their duty.

Feel free to ask me anything else you’d like to know either in comments, private messages, or at any of the many public appearances I’ll be making in Auburn.”

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page (May 25th): “There are many comments already going back and forth about this.

Some say that the man should have dropped the knife. Others say that the officers should have tried alternate means.

In my opinion, it is the officers’ jobs to deescalate the scene. They were called to protect. I wasn’t there at the scene; I don’t know all the details. I do know that the scene that’s described in the article shows multiple steps of hostility escalation. Where the 26 year old’s mental state was at the time, I do not know. I would like to believe there was a better option than two officers shooting one person with a knife.

As to the government of Auburn’s current reaction, I have a positive and a negative.
Positive: I appreciate that when an officer kills a civilian, it is APD policy to have the offense investigated by an outside entity. In this case the Federal Way detectives are handling the investigation. That makes sense
Negative: It should not be standard policy that officers involved in a shooting get *paid* administrative leave.

Potential things I’d try to change in office:
1. Non-lethal takedown training.
2. Change the paid administrative leave to unpaid with the promise of backpay if the officer is found to have had no other recourse than to fatally discharge their weapon.
3. Deescalation training that incorporates and emphasizes the safety of citizens.
4. Provide mental health opportunities for officers to come to terms with the dangers of their job. Mental fortitude is really the key to doing this hard job day in and day out.
5. Increase community involvement so that officers are well known in their area and officers know their citizens. That kind of community building makes an officer’s presence more calming to a situation.

The job of an officer is tough, and scary. However, their first duty is to protect. If they kill, they need to have exhausted EVERY alternative option.

My condolences to the family of the deceased.
My condolences to the significant other, whom I hope has the comfort and care they need currently.
And even though I disagree with the actions of the officers, I hope they too are receiving the mental and emotional comfort and care they need. Causing the death of another human is hard to sit with.…/man-killed-by-auburn-police-identified/

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page (May 30th): “I am not a Democrat nor a Republican.
I can’t see myself in either camp.”

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page (June 2nd): “This is an interesting read. Ultimately, I don’t think this is a good use of the city budget.
Not because equity training is bad, but because the “bill” is a contract with one firm.
Suppose this firm does a poor job, but we are stuck with them as our only option.
Auburn is significantly more diverse than it was two decades ago. This means some changes certainly need to happen. However, I don’t think this piece of legislation actually addresses the problem well.”

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page (June 21st):“Negotiating pricing for utilities is a job that most people don’t know is handled by their city council.
I’ve taken a look at some of our comparator cities and I think Auburn can save its citizens a few dollars per month.
Also, Marysville has a low-income senior pricing that we should certainly adopt here.

I know, garbage bills and water bills are not hot button issues. Still, these are the things I want to get to work on.”

Statement on Ase’s Campaign Facebook Page (June 27th): “Part of running for office is filling out forms for endorsements. I’ve filled out my fair share already and I’ll continue to do so, but I thought I’d take a little break and let you see why I did not seek the endorsement of RHAWA. The following is from an email they sent to candidates:
“RHAWA PAC supports candidates based on their recognition of rental housing as a valuable asset to the city they serve and surrounding region, their commitment to allowing rental housing to function as a market-based industry, and for their willingness to work with the rental housing industry toward the common goal of providing safe and healthy housing.”

I whole heartedly agree with two of those points and feel as though the second point is part of a major problem in our area. Often times we hear things like “let the market decide” and let me tell you, that is code for let the rich decide. The market is literally the dollars that are in circulation. That’s the market, just dollars. We can not afford to price people out of Auburn or the rest of South King County which currently has the highest rate of rent growth in the state.

Long story short, just because you *can* get a few extra dollars a month out of your renters, doesn’t mean you should. Just because you *can* find someone who can pay what you want, doesn’t mean you should be able to boot people who are already paying you a more than fair rent.”

Q&A in the Auburn Reporter: Read Here

King County Elections Pamphlet Statement: “Auburn’s city council needs a voice in it that speaks for the average worker in Auburn. We need someone at town hall meetings who understands where fellow constituents are coming from.

As a math teacher I take complex ideas and simplify them so that a wide array of thinkers can understand and engage in any topic. As a local roller derby coach, I keep in touch with my community. As a union bargaining team member, I engage those in authority and speak up for those who need a voice.

I intend to have the council act on issues that affect us on a daily basis, such as making sure the garbage isn’t over flowing on the Interurban Trail, increasing neighborhood bus access, and making sure utilities run reasonably and responsibly. I want to represent you as one of you. Thank you.”

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