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Traffic Advisory: Lakeland Hills Way SE Evergreen Way SE to Oravetz Rd SE

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, through August 7, 2020, utility work will require lane restrictions and disruptions in both directions from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM, from Evergreen Way SE to Oravetz Rd SE.

Access to residences and businesses within the project area will be maintained during construction, but delays should be expected.

For more information, Cannon Representative, Jon Proffit 253-405-7743, or City of Auburn Inspector, Debra Alvarez 253-740 ex3696.lakeland hills road work, lakeland hills traffic, lakeland hills

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  1. Jane Doe Jane Doe July 28, 2020

    Why doesn’t the c of Auburn fix Bowman Creek?
    I can’t even get anybody to return my calls… last spring you dug on Catherine Avenue and 53rd sending water iris and silt down the creek plugging up the creek and Wood I believe rerouted water I have videos and pictures of 57 fish dying in my pond because of all the salt that the city of Auburn put down in my pond they need to come clean it out because you’re killing fish and I can’t even get you to answer me I’ve lived there for 42 years I know it’s not mother nature and no you’re digging ditches on 53rd on the opposite side from Bowman Creek which makes no sense to me unless you’re planning on rerouting the creek again it sure would be nice if you let me know because right now my pond is a very very dangerous place because of the self that you’ve pushed on it it’s filled up the creek next-door and that’s not Mother Nature… I’m very very upset about this whole situation especially that no one will return my calls

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