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Through the Looking Glass

During the 2017 Mayoral election I found that I had questions that there were no clear, cut and dry, answers to. This compelled me to research and gather information to ensure I was able to make properly informed decisions and chose to share my research.

While my research began with the candidates, it quickly evolved to investigate the issues. The scope of my research broadened and I discovered a great deal about the City of Auburn, and surrounding region. It was disheartening and even shocking at times to learn the things fellow citizens and I had previously been unaware of.

However, during my research I was unsatisfied with the lack of easily obtainable comprehensive public information. That is why I have decided to continue the research I began during the election, and continue to cover Auburn as a whole.

In today’s journalistic industry the goal is far too often first over fact. Fact checking and sourcing will be paramount on this site. We might not always be perfect, but we will have integrity and will hold ourselves accountable. Further, I understand that due to the restrictions of word counts, package minutes and deadlines the content of a piece may bealice_cream_front_web2016179294.jpg condensed at other outlets. This is not something that will be a restriction on this site. As this site is independently run and funded, editors, advertisers and corporate entities will not drive content.

The blog portion of this site should be considered the editorial portion of the site. The remainder will endeavor to maintain a neutral and unbiased tone. As I believe the message is more important than the messenger, bylines will rarely be used.

If there is a topic that you wish to have researched, contact us. Until then, we’ll be keeping an eye on Auburn, as your unfiltered independent news source.

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