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Sew Beautiful is located right in the heart of downtown Auburn, on E Main Street.  I had a pair of pants that needed several buttons replaced, two lace tops with tears in them and a pair of jeans with a broken zipper pull.  With enough items piled up needing repair, I headed to Sew Beautiful.

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I lucked out and found a parking spot a few doors down from the shop, which is tucked just at the end of the row before Auburn Way N.  The shop itself is unassuming and small, and a bit dark inside.  After walking in, the single employee of the show greeted me and asked what I needed.  As I explained what each garment needed she placed a safety pin on the item, in that location.

My total, for the four garments to be repaired, was just over $35.00.  Though 2 of my items were tops, she kept calling them dresses (even after the repairs were done.) I don’t know if this was a general term or a misunderstanding.  Regardless, I felt the price was reasonable, especially if she could fix the two tops.

At Sew Beautiful you pay before the work is complete, which I thought was fair.  She informed me the 4 items would be done in a week, gave me a slip for pick up and I was on my way.  2 weeks later, because I forgot all about my clothes being at the shop (which is why I think it’s fair to pre-pay – how many people forget altogether!), I picked up my items.  It may have been helpful to receive a reminder call or text, but I know this is not common in this industry.

I’d had several people look at these tops over the years and tell me they were a lost cause.  But I refused to give up.  She didn’t inspect the tears closely when I dropped them off, so I wasn’t holding my breath they’d be fixed.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Both tops showed zero evidence of any damage from before!  The cost of all four items being repaired was worth it for these two tops alone.

The new zipper on the jeans and the button replacement on the pants were decent work, as well.  I was disappointed that the back pockets of the pants didn’t have the buttons replaced, but it’s not something I’m going to fuss over.

There was somewhat of a musty odor inside the shop, so I had a slight concern that the clothes would come back carrying that same smell.  After picking up the clothes had no scent at all, which was a relief.  The smell could also be an unfortunate remnant of the Heritage Building Fire.

I would use Sew Beautiful again for any garment repair needs I have.


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