Oh Really?

Sorry about the delay in getting Monday’s council meeting recap and votes online.  The live stream went down 10 minutes into the meeting, which made for a very deflated live-tweet.  But we’re all caught up and everything has been updated and is current.  That is until the next study session, which is on December 11, 2017 at 5:30pm.

If you didn’t catch it during the council meeting, there was a 20 minute recess for a closed session and executive session. I know my interest was piqued, considering orly.gifthat when it was stated a closed/executive session was needed city attorney Dan Heid stated “pending a potential litigation” (and collective bargaining).

Upon return two ordinances were stricken from the agenda: The 2017 Annual Comprehensive Plan map and text amendments, and the amendment to the city code related to school impact fees.    Interesting. Not what I was really expecting, but still interesting.

We are following up on several stories and items that we hope to have out in the coming weeks.  So you keep an eye here, while we keep an eye on Auburn.


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