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Meet Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen Contestant Jessica Tuggey

Name: Jessica Tuggey
School: Auburn Mountainview
Grade: Junior (11th Grade)

How long have you been in the Miss Auburn, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program?
This is my first year participating in the Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program.

Why did you choose to compete?
The reason that I chose to compete was I knew it would be fun, experience, and because I knew it would challenge me in new ways.

What are you most excited about in the competition?
The thing that I am most excited about the competition is meeting new and wonderful people.

What are you most nervous about in the competition?
No answer provided

What is your talent, and why did you choose it?
The talent that I picked is Color Guard, or also known as Flag Spinning. The reason that I chose to do it as my talent is that I have been doing Color Gaurd at my school for the last two years and it is something that I would like to pursue through college. It is also a lot of fun and I enjoy sharing the experience with others.

What is your platform?
For my platform, I decided to write about the education of young Type One Diabetic with eating disorders.

Why is your platform important to you?
One reason that this subject is so important to me is that I am Type One Diabetic, I have been since about 2011.

What does representing Auburn as Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen mean to you?
Representing Auburn as Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen means that I get to give back to a community that gave me so much. It gives me an opportunity to both grow and learn about different people in and around Auburn.

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