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January 12, 2018: Despite Election Loss, Wales Still Under Investigation
During her 2017 Mayoral campaign, Councilmember Largo Wales received Public Disclosure Commission and Attorney General’s office complaints. Despite losing in November to incumbent Mayor, Nancy Backus, Wales remains under investigation.  Are these investigations impacting Wales’ ability to perform her duties as City Councilmember?

Dec. 17, 2017: Harrison Maurus, badass with a barball
Auburn resident Maurus has broken world weightlifting records and won IWF World Championship medals, all before he turned 18 or graduated high school.

December 8, 2017 – City still fine tuning “Stay Out of Designated Area” boundaries
Ordinance No. 6659 will add city code related to  portions of the city designated as a “Stay Out of Designated Area.”  This ordinance will allow a Judge to add an order to a defendant’s sentencing as part of adjudication relating to drug-related violation.  This ordinance has now been pulled from the council meeting agenda twice.