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COVID-19 Coverage on the Auburn Examiner

After receiving a few emails chastising us for lack of efficient coronavirus coverage, I thought I would explain why there has been a decrease in activity from the Auburn Examiner recently.

For those unaware, the Auburn Examiner is primarily run by one person: me (Elizabeth).  We have great volunteer writers who submit articles, but the Auburn Examiner is not their primary focus.
As I have underlying health conditions, the COVID-19 pandemic is something I am personally taking very seriously.  Thankfully I do not have COVID-19.  However, I must focus on managing my health to ensure I do not get it, or get in a position that would require valuable medical resources.
At this time I do not have the capacity to provide the standard of fact-checking required to publish proper coverage on COVID-19 (coronavirus), or many other current stories.  If a major COVID-19 update occurs, we will endeavor to publish it.  For regular updates, please refer to the following resources:
As my health allows, other stories will be published.  Managing the Auburn Examiner and ensuring we provide the quality coverage our readers deserve is something I take very seriously.  But I can not do that if I am unwell.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to also acknowledge that sometimes typos and spelling or grammatical errors occasionally occur in our publication.  Being essentially a one person production, things can slip through sometimes.  I do my best to address these as quickly as I become aware of them.  I’d like to thank you for your understanding that mistakes happen.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this time of decreased publication.  I can not express how much your continued support of the Auburn Examiner means to me and the team.
On that final note, here’s some cute animals for good measure:


  1. Tracie Stone Tracie Stone March 19, 2020

    Keep up the great work, Elizabeth. I enjoy your publication and have turned a few others on to it.

    • Elizabeth Miller Elizabeth Miller Post author | March 19, 2020

      Thank you Tracie!

  2. Sandra Chapman Sandra Chapman March 20, 2020

    Take care of you Elizabeth. Thank you for you diligence with the Auburn Examiner. I appreciate the accurate information you provide and I can appreciate you not including info you can not fact check. Get well and Stay Healthy. God bless you.

    • Elizabeth Miller Elizabeth Miller Post author | March 20, 2020

      Thank you Sandra. Your support is appreciated.

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