February 5, 2018 City Council Meeting

Agenda: Available Online Here
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The below are the approved meeting minutes, furnished by the City of Auburn City Clerk.  They are being utilized as a means to fill in missing meeting information.

B. Roll Call
City Councilmembers present: Deputy Mayor Bob Baggett, Larry Brown, Claude DaCorsi (via telephone), John Holman, Bill Peloza, Yolanda Trout-Manuel, and Largo Wales. (Councilmember DaCorsi left the Council meeting at 8:48 p.m. and immediately prior to Council Reports.)

Mayor Nancy Backus was in attendance, and the following department directors and staff members were present: City Attorney Daniel B. Heid, Parks, Arts and Recreation Director Daryl Faber, Finance Director Shelley Coleman, Police Commander Dan O’Neil, Assistant Director of Engineering Services/City Engineer Ingrid Gaub, Assistant Director of Community Development Services Jeff Tate, Director of Administration Dana Hinman, and City Clerk Danielle Daskam.

A. Goodwill Ambassador Proclamation
Mayor Backus to proclaim the designation of Whitney Van Vleet, Miss Auburn 2018, and Olivia Thomas, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen 2018, as “Goodwill Ambassadors for the City of Auburn”.
Mayor Backus read and presented a proclamation designating Miss Auburn 2018 Whitney Van Vleet and Miss Auburn’s 2018 Outstanding Teen Olivia Thomas as Goodwill Ambassadors for the City of Auburn. Both young women spoke about their platforms and thanked their sponsors for their support. They also thanked Mayor Backus and the City Council for their support.

A. Auburn Arts Commission
City Council to confirm the appointments of the following to the Auburn Arts Commission for a new three-year term to expire December 31, 2020:

Anne Baunach
Eydie Leighty
Sirichanh Sisavatdy
Deputy Mayor Baggett moved and Councilmember Holman seconded to confirm the appointment of Anne Baunach, Eydie Leighty, and Sirichanh Sisavatdy to the Arts Commission.


B. Tourism Board
City Council to confirm the appointment of Carina Saucedo to the Auburn Tourism Board for a new three year term to expire December 31, 2020.

Councilmember Brown moved and Councilmember Peloza seconded to confirm the appointment of Carina Saucedo to the Tourism Board.


There was no change to the agenda.

A. Public Hearings – (No public hearing is scheduled for this evening.)
No public hearing was scheduled for this evening.
B. Audience Participation
This is the place on the agenda where the public is invited to speak to the City Council on any issue. Those wishing to speak are reminded to sign in on the form provided.

Bill Boyer, 1032 U St NW, Auburn: Mr. Boyer lives in the Jornada neighborhood situated above the Auburn Police firing range. He expressed concern about the amount of noise from the range. Mr. Boyer stated that residents of the neighborhood expressed their concerns about the amount of noise from the firing range at a neighborhood meeting. Mr. Boyer urged the Council to approve a budget proposal for noise mitigation at the firing range.

Jason Berry, 1620 Perimeter Road SW, Auburn: Mr. Berry spoke on behalf of the Auburn Human Services Committee. He acknowledged several members of the Committee in the audience this evening. He spoke in support of Resolution No. 5348. He thanked Mayor Backus and the City Council for the opportunity to serve the City on the Human Services Committee.

Bob Zimmerman, 33029 46th Place South, Auburn: Mr. Zimmerman shared his concerns regarding a concrete wall on his neighbor’s property. Mr. Zimmerman contends the wall was built without footing or foundation and is unsafe. Mr. Zimmerman stated the wall does not meet minimum seismic standards.

Rollyn Kidd, 210 13th Street SE, Auburn: Mr. Kidd expressed concern with perpetual yard sales in the city. He urged the Council to limit the number of yard sales and control signage for the yard sales.

C. Correspondence
1. Correspondence from Mike Carr received January 15, 2018
Mayor Backus acknowledged correspondence received from Mike Carr on January 15, 2018.

Council Ad Hoc Committee Chairs may report on the status of their ad hoc Council Committees’ progress on assigned tasks and may give their recommendation to the City Council, if any.
Councilmember Brown reported on behalf of the Finance ad hoc committee. Councilmember Brown reported he and Councilmember Holman reviewed claims vouchers in the approximate amount of $1.6 million and seven wire transfers in the amount of approximately $760,000.00 and payroll checks in the approximate amount of $517,000.00 and electronic deposits in the approximate amount of $1.9 million. Councilmember Brown reported all payments were in order, and the committee recommends approval of claims and payroll vouchers.

Councilmember DaCorsi reported the Street Projects ad hoc committee will meet on February 14th.

Deputy Mayor Baggett reported the ad hoc committee to determine the seating of the Council at the dais attempted to meet.

Deputy Mayor Baggett moved to suspend the Council rules for requiring an ad hoc committee to determine the Council seating at the dais and allow the Council as a whole determine the seating. Councilmember Holman seconded.

Deputy Mayor Baggett advised the ad hoc committee discovered that dialogue had occurred with other members of the Council that could have created a violation of the Open Public Meetings Act.

City Attorney Heid spoke regarding a “serial” meeting. A serial meeting is conducted through a series of communications by individual members or less-than-a-quorum groups, ultimately involving a majority of the Councilmembers.


All matters listed on the Consent Agenda are considered by the City Council to be routine and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed.
A. Minutes of the January 16, 2018 Regular Council Meeting
B. Claims Vouchers
Voucher 447410 through 447606 in the amount of $1,580,798.00 and 7 wire transfers in the amount of $760,560.58 dated February 5th, 2018.
C. Payroll Vouchers
Payroll check numbers 537748 through 537768 in the amount of $516,608.44, electronic deposit transmissions in the amount of $1,928,306.84 for a grand total of $2,444,915.28 for the period covering January 11, 2018 to January 31, 2018.
D. Public Works Project No. CP1710
City Council approve Final Pay Estimate No. 5 to Contract No. 17-17 in the amount of $7,622.23 and accept construction of Project No. CP1710 Citywide Sidewalk Repair and Improvement

Councilmember Peloza moved and Councilmember Holman seconded to approve the Consent Agenda.


A. Council Seating at Dais
Councilmember Holman moved to accept the current seating arrangement. Deputy Mayor Baggett seconded,

Councilmember Wales objected to the motion and asked to be seated near the Deputy Mayor.

Councilmember Trout-Manuel spoke in favor of Councilmember Wales’ request.

Councilmember Peloza suggested the seating arrangement right after the election of Deputy Mayor.

MOTION TO ACCEPT THE CURRENT SEATING ARRANGEMENT FAILED. 3-4 Councilmembers DaCorsi, Peloza, Trout-Manuel and Wales voted no.

Councilmember Wales moved and Councilmember Peloza seconded to return to the previous seating arrangement following election of the current Deputy Mayor.

Councilmember Holman requested clarification of the motion.

Councilmember Wales described the seating arrangements from right to left as viewed from the audience: Councilmember Peloza, Councilmember Trout-Manuel, Councilmember Wales, Deputy Mayor Baggett, Councilmember Holman, Councilmember Brown, and Councilmember DaCorsi.

MOTION CARRIED. 5-2 Deputy Mayor Baggett and Councilmember Holman voted no.

There was no new business.

A. Ordinance No. 6673
An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Auburn, Washington, rezoning one parcel, 7500 square feet in size, from R-7 Residential to DUC Downtown Urban Center, to implement the Comprehensive Plan and amending the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Map

Councilmember Holman moved and Councilmember Peloza seconded to adopt Ordinance No. 6673.


B. Ordinance No. 6676
An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Auburn, Washington, amending Section 2.36.030 of the City Code relating to number of members for the Auburn Human Services Committee

Councilmember Trout-Manuel moved and Councilmember Holman seconded to adopt Ordinance 6676.


A. Resolution No. 5341
A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Auburn, Washington, acknowledging clarifying revisions and reformatting of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan and reaffirming the previous adoption of that plan as revised

Deputy Mayor Baggett moved and Councilmember Peloza seconded to adopt Resolution No. 5341.


B. Resolution No. 5348
A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Auburn, Washington, accepting and approving the funding priority recommendations from the Human Services Committee

Councilmember Wales moved and Councilmember Holman seconded to adopt Resolution No. 5348.

Human Services Manager Joy Scott provided a staff presentation with the use of a PowerPoint.

On January 22, 2018, staff presented information on the current funding priorities for human services General Fund funding and future funding priorities. Manager Scott stated the function of the funds is to build a system of support that meets a range of community needs and support a variety of programs to serve the needs of Auburn residents. The January 22, 2018, Council study session and Human Services Special Focus area was the beginning of the discussion to develop a set of revised recommended priorities. The five priorities in Resolution No. 5348 represent a process that included input from the Council study session on January 22nd, from City of Auburn staff, and from the Human Services Committee members.

The five priorities include:

1. Services that address basic and emergency needs, including food, shelter health and dental care.

2. Programs that prevent homelessness and support housing stability

3. Job training and educational programs that provide economic opportunity for Auburn residents

4. Programs that promote the well-being and safety of individuals and families in the community

5. Programs that support positive relationships with families, neighborhoods, and communities

Manager Scott recommended any large funding shifts should be data-driven to ensure effective outcomes rather than assumptions about what the community needs. Manager Scott stated staff recommends adoption of Resolution No. 5348 as presented in the agenda packet, which includes the funding priorities recommended by the Human Services Committee.

Manager Scott explained the proposed revised resolution would make the following programs ineligible for human services funding: early childhood education, family support for survivors of sexual assault, job training, and other education programs.

Councilmember Wales moved to amend Resolution No. 5348 per the revised resolution distributed prior to the meeting and dated February 1, 2018. Councilmember Trout-Manuel seconded.

Councilmember Wales stated she served on the Human Services Committee in 1998 and the Committee worked from the same priorities. Since that time, services are available through the veterans levy, the Affordable Care Act for medical services, mandated special education services from birth to 22 years of age, the McCleary decision, summer lunch programs, summer school for free, the Auburn Foundation, Auburn Communities and Schools, PTA’s, and Best Starts for Kids. Councilmember Wales stated the City needs to get away from duplication of services. Councilmember Wales stated the Health and Human Services Special Focus Area proposed areas where no care is provided: homelessness prevention and housing stability, food access, and healthcare.

Mayor Backus explained the Council sets the policy/priorities. The Human Services Committee reviews all applications for funding and identifies those agencies eligible for funding based on the established priorities. The Human Services Committee forwards its recommendations for funding to the City Council for final approval.

Councilmember Trout-Manuel stated the three priorities outlined in the revised resolution were submitted to the previous human services manager and more recently to Human Services Manager Scott.

In response to a question from Councilmember Holman, Human Services Manager Scott stated the staff recommendation is to adopt the original version of the resolution, which is included in the agenda packet. Manager Scott expressed concern about gaps in services that could exist if the priorities are narrowed to the focus areas outlined in the revised version of the resolution.

In response to a question from Councilmember Wales, Human Services Manager Scott stated duplication of services is always a valid concern. Manager Scott stated part of what the funding does for the community is to ensure programs, such as early childhood education, family support programs, programs for survivors of sexual assault, job training programs, education programs for adults and youth in the community, counseling and support groups, are available to Auburn residents. She stated that while such programs exist generally in the county, they may not be available or easily accessible to Auburn residents without Auburn funding.

In response to a question from Councilmember Trout-Manuel regarding duplication of services from the Human Services Committee’s priorities 4 and 5, Human Services Manager Scott stated the school system may provide similar services to those families with school age children but those without school-age children would not be eligible for services except through the City’s human services programs.

Councilmember Holman suggested adopting the Human Services Committee recommendation for funding priorities.

Councilmember Wales stated the priorities established tonight will be used for funding priorities for the next two years.

Councilmember DaCorsi stated funding priorities must be measurable. Human Services Manager Scott stated the majority of cities in the county use broader language that speaks to categories of programs. In their funding application, the service provider outlines projected outcomes and metrics they are responsible for reporting on. The Human Services Committee reviews the applications to ensure the applicant’s proposed outcomes are measurable and realistic.

Councilmember Brown stated he served on the Seattle-King County Workforce Development Board where he reviewed grant requests. Councilmember Brown asked if the application process provides measurables and quantifies outcomes. Human Services Manager Scott responded in the affirmative. Additionally, staff monitor agencies on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting the outcomes included in their applications.

Councilmember Peloza suggested combining the provisions of the two resolutions.

Councilmember Peloza moved to amend the Resolution to add Section 1 from the January 31, 2018 resolution and the three bullet points in the revised Resolution as a new Section 2 with a lead-in statement of “The City Council further identifies the following to clarify the funding priorities in Section 1, above:” Councilmember Holman seconded.




At this time the Mayor and City Council may report on significant items associated with their appointed positions on federal, state, regional and local organizations.
A. From the Council
Robert Baggett, Bob Baggett, Councilmember Baggett, Auburn Council, City Council, AuburnDeputy Mayor Baggett reported on his attendance at the fifth-anniversary celebration for the Auburn Valley Humane Society. As a member of Medic One Emergency Medical Service Levy Task Force for King County, Deputy Mayor Baggett attended their first finance subcommittee meeting to plan strategies and rate structures for the 2020 levy.



larry brown, auburn larry brown, councilmember brown, city councilmemberCouncilmember Brown reported on his attendance at the Association of Washington Cities’ Cities Day in Olympia along with Deputy Mayor Baggett and Councilmember Peloza. Councilmember Brown also reported on his attendance at the Sound Cities Association newly-elected Councilmembers orientation workshop.



bill peloza, pelozer,Councilmember Peloza reported on his attendance at the King County Water Pollution Abatement Advisory Committee meeting. Councilmember Peloza also reported on his attendance at the Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 9 Management Committee meeting. Councilmember Peloza reminded the Council and the audience the Auburn International Farmers Market will temporarily move to Les Gove Park this summer. Councilmember Peloza also reminded of the availability of the National League of Cities prescription discount program, which began in 2009 and has saved Auburn citizens more than $184,000.00 over the last eight years.

mayor backus, nancy backus, auburn mayor, mayor nancy backusB. From the Mayor
Mayor Backus reported on the following meetings, activities, and events: a tour of the Boeing Job Readiness Center along with Deputy Mayor Baggett and Councilmembers Brown and Peloza; the funeral service for Pierce County Deputy McCartney where the Auburn Police Department Honor Guard participated and Auburn Police Department motorcycle officers provided escort; the Miss Auburn Scholarship Program; a meeting of One Table with King County Executive Dow Constantine and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin; a meeting with King County Prosecutor Satterberg to discuss the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Program; the quarterly meeting with the Master Builders Association; a Regional Transportation System Initiative meeting; a ribbon cutting ceremony for LA Fitness, and the River Mobile Home Park “PJ” Party.

There being no further business to come before the Council, the meeting adjourned at 9:08 p.m.

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