Great Companions Stay and Spa

Great Companions Stay and Spa
10 2nd St SW
Auburn, WA 98001
Office: (253) 833-5683
Fax: (253) 929-8770

Great Companions is a doggy day care and groomer situated right in the heart of downtown Auburn.  The location is prime for those who wish to drop their dog off before heading into work via the Sounder or other public transportation found at the Auburn Transit Station.  The quaint house Great Companions run out of is unassuming and not well marked, so could be easily missed by someone unfamiliar with the business or location.  Parking is available in a small side lot next to the building.

Great Companions, Dog Groomer, Auburn Doggy Daycare, Auburn Dog Groomer
Photo Courtesy: Great Companions

Once inside there is a small entrance area cordoned off from the rest of the rest of the day care sections.  I was immediately greeted by Ryane, who inquired as to what services I needed.  I had my 5 month old German shepherd with me, who needed his nails trimmed.  While he had had his nails cut previously, he is your typical German shepherd and is very vocal.  He also is not very cooperative in his young age.

Ryane wasn’t hesitant at all and came out to meet my pup, and go acquainted with him before she began to trim his nails.  She got down on his level, on the floor, which is always something I look for in every dog related service I utilize.  Ryane explained to me her familiarity and experience with the breed, which was also helpful for me.  Immediately when she attempted to clip his nails he resisted, and she wasn’t phased by his behavior. 

Great Companions, Doggy Daycare, Auburn Dog Groomer, Dog Groomer, Cut Dog, Doggo
Dogs saying hello at Great Companions Doggy Daycare

As she worked she talked me through what she was doing, and why she was doing it, so that I could learn.  This was valuable for me as an owner who may wish to clip my dog’s nails at home, instead of taking him to a groomer.  I did assist in the process, which was fine for me as well as it was another opportunity for me to learn.

After all was said and done, I felt that I received more than just a nail clipping and it was helpful for me.  If I was someone who just wanted to have my dog’s nails clipped and didn’t want to participate than this may not have been an ideal set up.  For the $10 price (which is average from my experience) of clipping his nails, I felt I got more from Great Companions than just a nail trim.

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