The Quarters

The Quarters
721 W. Main Street
Auburn, WA 98001
Tel: 253-359-4895
Tel: 206-402-2568
**Cash Only Establishment**
Food Type: New Orlean and Mid-west fusion
Delivery: Ubereats


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Photo Courtesy: The Quarters

The Quarters restaurant is located in an old home, making the atmosphere feel less like we were in a restaurant, but more that we were over at a good friend or family’s house for a great meal. The atmosphere is intimate, informal, inviting and very friendly.  Our server was attentive, but not intrusive to our meal.  There was music outside when we arrived, and inside a lively mix of old familiar classics played from the speakers.  It was the kind of music you’d find yourself dancing to in your chair without realizing it, and probably singing along to.  Seeing the rules of the restaurant when we walked in, I wasn’t shy about showing my love for the music selection throughout our dinner (much to the chagrin of my husband).

I had the grilled chicken sandwich with sliced red potatoes.  Given a choice between two homemade sauces – BBQ or hot sauce, I chose the BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce was just sweet enough with a little zing.  Not only did it pair well with the sandwich, the sauce was a great addition to the slice potatoes.  From the first bite to the last I was not let down!

My husband had the jambalaya and enjoyed it, describing it as a slow building heat with a great medley of flavors. The three different types of sausages made every bite a pleasant surprise.

His meal came with a side of cornbread and we split it.  I’m used to the yellow Jiffy style corn bread and this was a sweeter cornbread that at first I was let down by because it wasn’t what I was expecting for cornbread.  Removing my expectations and going in for a second taste, I appreciated the sweeter undertones.  I’m not big into sweets, so this cornbread that just sits at the border of sweet and savory was a perfect mix for me.

I had the watermelon cooler and it was mighty tasty.  I was a little confused at first because I thought it was alcoholic and didn’t taste any booze. Well, two drinks in and I was feeling it!  Just as promised, the drinks were sweet but strong.  My husband had the sweet tea, describing it as refreshing and Beignet, Quarters, Quarters Auburn, Auburn restauranthomey, not like anything he has had up north.

We were lucky enough to come when they had beignets on the menu for dessert.  The order came with three, which were perfect for us to split after our meal (the portion sizes are hearty, but not too much.) It was our first time ever having beignets and it was like eating a light, fluffy pillow of deliciousness. If her beignets are on the menu, go. Immediately.

The average price is $15-$20 for a meal and $7 for alcoholic drink.  Our overall bill for 2, with drinks, was around $60. It would be great if they took credit cards, but they do have an ATM on site if you need cash.  The owner has stated that if you use the ATM and bring your ATM receipt back next time, she will deduct the $3 ATM fee from your check.


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