Buds and Blooms

Buds and Blooms: Auburn
405 Auburn Way N.
Auburn WA 98002
(253) 833-8110
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Buds and Blooms is a charming florist shop nestled between A Street and Auburn Way S.  Though parking can be precarious to get into, the only access being off of 4th S, the entrance to the building it welcoming.  I was immediately greeted by both of the employees in the store, one stepping to the counter and offering to help me.  After explaining the purpose of my flowers I was offered to look in the cold case for a pre-made arrangement, or to give a price range and color palette for them to create from.

Buds and Blooms, auburn florist
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There was a nice selection in the cold case, with a good variety of both prices, colors and arrangement styles.  It was easy to select an arrangement.  After I made my choice, I was offered a free card to write a message.  If I did not want to write the message myself, the employee offered for the shop to write the message for me.  There was no cost associated with this offer.  I was a little disappointed that there was no card for “Congratulations” and selected on of the few generic cards with a pretty floral design on it.

After providing the delivery information, check out was quick.  The shop accepts major credit cards and cash.  If you have used Buds and Blooms before you will be in their system, making check outBuds and Blooms, Auburn florist, Auburn buds and blooms even faster.  I received a paper receipt in the store, and as I’d provided my email address I also received an email receipt.

Though I did not purchase anything from it this time, the store also has a small gift section as well.  It would be an ideal location to pick up a hostess gift, a small thank you present or to grab a few items to store and have on hand for those times you need a gift and don’t have time to go out and get one.

I had provided my phone number when checking out, and it came in handy.  When providing the address of my delivery I omitted the street direction.  The driver contacted me, rather than the person receiving the delivery, to get clarification.  This was great as it didn’t ruin the surprise.  As soon as I gave the location the driver knew where they were going.  Once my order was delivered I received a delivery confirmation email.

Buds and Blooms is a local chain florist, and one that I would use again.

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