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August Playlists from the AE Team

We’re at it again with another new batch of playlists!  This month we’re adding a new team member’s playlist to the mix.  Rachel is a new addition to the AE Team, she’ll be covering a variety of topics as one of our reporters.  You can start to get to know her through her first playlist this month!

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Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics

Elizabeth’s August Playlist:

August marks 10 years together (7 married) with my husband, and AE business partner, Jack.  Music has always played a big role in our relationship, so much so that our wedding theme was music.  This playlist is a dedication to my husband and our relationship.

Jason’s August Playlist:

I was stunned earlier this month by the death of David Berman, who first came to fame as a result of his association with the band Pavement and his own project, Silver Jews. This summer saw the release of a new album under a new moniker called Purple Mountains – profound it its self-contained sadness. I thought I’d lead off with a song from Purple Mountains and segue into other songs that tap into our deeper feelings a bit.

Scott’s August Playlist:

Waylon’s August Playlist:

Rachel’s August Playlist:

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