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Auburn Mountainview High School Put on Lockdown Friday

Auburn Mountainview High School was placed in a modified lockdown shortly before noon Friday morning.  Security on premises placed the school on lockdown as a result of students fighting.

Cause of the Lockdown
A letter sent home to AMHS parents by Principal Terri Herren explained the incident. “During first lunch, several students got into an altercation,” stated the letter. “We had to call 911 for additional support because many students stood around watching the fight, some on tables, some encouraged the fighting, and some videotaped the altercation. This is inappropriate behavior and completely disrupted the adult’s ability to take control of the situation.”

Some posts on social media indicated a student in the altercation had a knife.  “I have no knowledge of a knife in today’s incident,” said Auburn School District Director of Communication Vicki Alonzo.

Active Shooter Alarm 
No outside intruder or firearms were involved in the student altercations.  Some students who fled the school shared there was an active shooter in the school.  This confusion was caused because the school “inadvertently sounded the active shooter alarm,” explained Herren in the letter. “As we have practiced, students got out of the area quickly. Our drills are working, as students knew what to do.”

Herren apologized for the mistake and acknowledged the fear this alarm may have caused in some students.  The school has counselors available should students need to talk.

The school’s resource officer was in communication with Valley Communication Dispatchers throughout the incident, confirming the on-site details.  The lockdown was brief and all students remained safe.  School operations continued normally for the remainder of the day.

Auburn Mountainview High School is located at 28900 124th Ave SE, Auburn.

Kentwood High School on Lockdown 
Nearby Kentwood High School in Covington was also placed on lockdown this morning.  An alert parent called 911 after seeing two students on the Kentwood campus passing what appeared to be a handgun back and forth.  Covington Police alerted Kentwood High School, directing them to go into lockdown.

“Officers found two students, 15 and 16 years of age, in a neighborhood near Kentwood matching the description given by the caller. A handgun was located on one of the students. The students are being booked into [the] youth service center,” shared Covington Police Department in a statement.

The lockdown lasted approximately 20 minutes.  According to Principal Samantha Ketover’s letter, “there was an unrelated medical response to the building after the lockdown was lifted.”

Kentwood High School is located at 25800 164th Ave SE, Covington.

America’s Safe School Week
These two lockdowns are a good reminder of the upcoming America’s Safe School Week.  “School safety is a community effort. We must all be alert to suspicious and concerning behavior on and near school campuses,” said Covington Police.

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