Auburn Hearts

Love is truly everywhere in Auburn; Lego and clay hearts are peppered throughout the city on buildings, utility boxes, and walls.  This guerrilla street art has been popping up for years here. Auburn hearts have been discovered as far north as the Interurban Trail near Kent and seem to stop to the south at SR-18.

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Auburn Examiner

How the movement began remains a mystery. Even long-time city employees don’t know the origin of the hearts. Over the years, many have tried to discern the identity of the artist or artists, with no apparent luck.

Have you have seen one of Auburn’s hearts that we don’t have logged? If so, let us know!  Send us a photo and it’s location and we will add it to our map.  If you don’t have a chance to take a photo, send us the location and we’ll hunt it down and grab a photo to add to the collection.

If you know anything about the origin of Auburn’s hearts, or the artist(s), we’d love to hear their story!
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