3 schools on lockdown

This morning three schools, Hazelwood Elementary, Rainier Middle School and Auburn Mountainview High, went on lock-down.  HES and RMS went on lock-down as APD searched for 2 suspects believed to be involved in a nearby home burglary.  AMHS went into lock-down as a precautionary measure.

1391fa1a6adc0ba986ea5821c0b8c4d01638834369.640x480.jpgWhile the lock-downs at HES and AMHS were lifted, RMS remained on lock down unrelated to the original incident.  One of the students reported in a text message to their parent that an unknown individual had been knocking on an exterior window.  This triggered APD to do a second sweep of the school, again with K-9 units.

After the school was cleared the lockdown was lifted.

As of 12:00pm the lock-downs were lifted, however APD remained in the area with a secure parameter.

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